Censor-non-grata is part of an idea that technology and social ecology can transcend cultural and political boundaries. The information age has transformed modern humans’ experiences in such a way in that willful ignorance can only be attributed to a new kind of censorship: misinformation.

It is important to realize the difference between opinion and fact, while taking into account that science and facts, which are based on evidence, testing and consistency, should be upheld in the highest honor when making decisions. This information must be passed down to current and future generations to preserve different human experiences.

In this blog I direct my attention to socioeconomic problems that occur world wide. I would like to focus on areas where development is still below the standards of sustainability.  I do not believe that what we now call indigenous or non-modernized peoples of the world are poor, yet maintain a way of life that is on an ancient scale, truly sustainable. The problems is that people who were recently (in the past 400 years) living in sustainable, what we call tribes, came in contact with a more advanced form of exploitation, they were caught at a disadvantage. Human evolution comes in many different forms. And if we do not properly use the wealth of information that we have acquired in the past 10,000 years, we will de-evolve intelligently.

“A species that does not evolve cannot survive.”


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